What is the Difference Between Austenitic & Ferritic Stainless Steel

I bet like most people you might have thought stainless steel was all the same. In fact, there are 5 types of stainless steel each with slightly different chemical compositions which changes its properties and thus its application. The 5 types of stainless are as follows; AusteniticDuplexFerriticMartensiticPH (Precipitation Hardening) The most widely used are austenitic... Continue Reading →

The UKF Group Open Day

On Thursday 1st August we hosted a Best Practice Morning in collaboration with Made in the Midlands, an organisation which champions manufacturing and engineering within the region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgi1-ejml7k Watch here our open day! This event gave us a unique opportunity to throw open our doors to customers, suppliers and partners so they could learn more... Continue Reading →

The UKF Group Invests in Flowdrilling

The UKF Group has recently invested in a new Flowdrill machine, manufactured by Midlands-based machine specialist Nortech. Hours of testing in-situ at the Bromsgrove Production Site has ensured it is now ready to start fulfilling customers orders. An off-the-shelf Flowdrill machine is a drilling machine which uses heat and friction to locally displace material in... Continue Reading →

Employee Spotlight: Harri Donley – Health & Safety Executive

A Graduate in Biomedical Science from the University of Portsmouth, Harri previously worked as an H&S Coordinator at Everyone Active Leisure Centre in Shipston, Warwickshire. Having recently completed the NEBOSH course Harri will work alongside Simon Greenhill, our Group Managing Director, in maintaining the high level of H&S processes we have across the business and... Continue Reading →

The UKF Group at Subcon 2019

Subcon 2019 is now over for another year. Learn more about the must-attend event for subcontract manufacturing, here in the UK and abroad. View images of our stand and find out more about what Ian and the team got up to over the 3 days...

Cleaning Stainless Steel – Printable A4 Infographic

Cleaning Stainless Steel is important. It's a common myth that Stainless Steel does not corrode. Stainless Steel needs to be cleaned to maintain a pristine appearance and preserve corrosion resistance. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE "CLEANING STAINLESS STEEL INFOGRAPHIC" BY CLICKING HERE If the correct grade has been selected and the appropriate fabrication procedures and treatment are... Continue Reading →

What is Stainless Steel Seamless Tube?

Seamless tube is made from solid round billets of stainless steel. Billets are semi-finished products used to produce stainless steel tubes, bars and rods. The billet is pulled or pushed over a mandrel that extrudes the billet into a hollow tube shape. Following the extrusion process, the hollowed billet is rolled and stretched to the... Continue Reading →

Stainless Steel vs Aluminium

Although Stainless Steel & Aluminium might look similar, there are a lot of key differences between the two materials. In this blog post, we cover just a few of these to explain how the two materials compare to each other. If you'd rather learn by video or don't have time to read through this blog... Continue Reading →

What is Stainless Steel Welded Tube?

Stainless steel welded tube is produced by rolling a flat strip of stainless steel into a circular cross section, through a series of rollers. Once formed into the desired shape, the material is longitudinally welded down its length via either TIG welding or Laser Welding. After production, the tube’s weld seam – also referred to... Continue Reading →

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