16 Amazing Uses For Stainless Steel Wire Wool

Whether you keep it in your garage, under a sink or in a toolbox, we all have some wire wool lying around somewhere. It has proven to be a versatile and handy item with some surprising applications.

To show how diverse it can be, we’ve put together a list of our favourite uses for Stainless Steel Wire Wool.


1. Securing a loose screw

If you find yourself with a loose screw, try wrapping it in some wire wool.

The steel wool will tighten as you turn the screw, providing enough friction to hold it securely in place without needing to fill and re-drill the hole.

Tip: To make sure you have it to hand when you need it, store a small handful of Stainless Steel Wire Wool in your toolbox.


2. Starting a Campfire

Expecting rain when you go camping? Pack a 9V battery and some wire wool.

When you need to start a fire, touch the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the wire wool. The battery will send a current through the thin strands of stainless steel that will make the wire begin to glow and smoulder. Pack away the battery and add some kindling to the wire wool to keep your fire going.

Make sure you keep the wire wool and 9V battery far apart when storing them. A gentle brush of the wire wool against the battery’s terminals could be enough to ignite the steel wire. To prevent this, we advise placing them in separate airtight bags and storing them in separate compartments in your rucksack.

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3. Reviving Aluminium and Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Wire Wool is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for restoring the shine and removing scratches on aluminium and stainless steel surfaces.

By using a fine grade of Stainless Steel Wool (0.04mm) with water, you can clean, buff and restore aluminium and stainless steel fittings without affecting their corrosion-resistant properties.

Whether you’re using it to remove soap scum and hard water marks or buffing your outdoor furniture and fittings, Stainless Steel Wire Wool and some water is all you need.


4. Pest Prevention

Wire Wool is an inexpensive method of preventing rodents from gaining access to your home, workplace or shed. Simply pack some steel wool around pipes, and into the gaps and crevices around the room to create a rodent-resistant barrier.

Stainless Steel wire wool will rust less than standard wire wool, allowing it to withstand the natural elements better.

We recommend sealing the wire wool in place with caulk, it will prevent the rodents from getting to the wire wool, which will reduce damage, prolong effectiveness and prevent any harm to the mice that might attempt to chew the steel wool.

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