16 Amazing Uses For Stainless Steel Wire Wool


5. Staining and Finishing Wood – including Oak

Wire wool is a woodworker’s best friend. It is often used in the application and removal of paints, stains and varnishes. A distressed and aged look on wood can be achieved by soaking fine steel wool in vinegar before using it to apply the paint. You can use Stainless Steel Wire Wool to remove dust particles from wooden surfaces.

The flexibility of the steel wool makes it easier to hold and shape to the wood compared to sandpaper, allowing you to produce a smoother finish.

The additional benefit of Stainless Steel is that there is no risk of any undesired rust staining that can occur with standard steel wool.

Due to its corrosion-resistant characteristics, Stainless Steel Wire Wool is safe to use on Oak as it won’t react to the tannins in the wood, which can cause blue or black iron staining when used with normal steel wool.


6. Prevent Clogs

Thanks to the rust-resistant characteristics of Stainless Steel Wire Wool and its porous nature, it is ideal for preventing clogs.

Simply remove the drain cover, pack the wire wool in and replace the drain cover. Make sure you pack the wire wool in tight enough, so it doesn’t move when the water goes down the drain.

Regularly check the wire wool and replace when necessary. We recommend changing it every week or after heavy use – example: washing your pets.

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7. Removing Heel Marks

A piece of wire wool with a small amount of water can lift black heel marks from vinyl flooring. Great for cleaning up after having friends and family over or just as part of your weekly cleaning routine.

Just make sure you dry the area afterwards with a dry sponge to avoid any accidents.


8. Exhaust Muffler

Probably the most-common use of Stainless Steel Wire Wool is to muffle motorcycle and car exhausts. The material’s high resistance to exhaust acids, rust and heat has made it popular within the automotive industry. Coarse grades of wire wool are typically used within exhaust mufflers – as its density provides excellent noise reduction properties.

Stainless Steel Wire Wool outperforms standard steel wool, which can disintegrate and rusts due to the heat and lack of corrosion-resistance – making Stainless Steel the preferred option.

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