16 Amazing Uses For Stainless Steel Wire Wool


9. Cleaning Garden Tools

To bring the shine back to your garden tools, grab a piece of extra-fine steel wool, dampen it with some regular household oil and use it to clean the edges and surfaces of the tools. Once finished, wipe the tools over with a dry and clean rag (an odd sock will do).


10. Protect Your Workbench

If you use a soldering iron often, your workbench is likely covered in burn marks. To prevent unnecessary future burns to your workbench, get yourself a tin can full of wire wool.

By resting your soldering iron in the tin, you will be preventing future burn marks on your worktop and it’ll help keep the soldering tip clean.

We don’t just sell wire wool, we have hundreds of variations of Stainless Steel tube, bar, fixtures and fittings in stock on our eBay store.


11. Polishing Brass

Ditch the Brasso and grab yourself some extra-fine stainless steel wool, a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. The lemon juice and salt create a solution that will remove any dirt off the brass and polish the object.

Just make sure it’s real brass and not brass plate. One way to check is with a magnet: brass plate is magnetic, real brass isn’t.

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