16 Amazing Uses For Stainless Steel Wire Wool


12. Sharpening Scissors

Keep your scissors sharp by regularly cutting Stainless Steel Wire Wool with them. It’s as simple as that!


13. Rejuvenate Your Shoes

Give your trainers a new lease of life by using some fine-grade steel wool and a bit of water to remove any scuffs or marks. Once dried, your shoes will look as good as new.

If you’re unsure if the wire wool will damage your shoes, we advise testing it first on a small area – the back of the shoe or even the tongue are good places to try.


14. Outstanding Tyres

Have you ever washed your car and noticed your tyres still look a little bit dirty and dull? Spray some WD-40 on some superfine-grade wire wool and scrub your tyres. This will remove all the grime, dust and dirt from your tyres without damaging them. It works just as good on white walls as it does on black walls.

To help make the chrome shine, get some warm soapy water and soak a different piece of wire wool in it before gently rubbing the chrome to make it sparkle.

For best results, rub along the grain of the steel wool. Rinse and repeat if needed.


15. Remove Crayon Marks from Wallpaper

If your child is an aspiring Picasso, who sees walls as canvases waiting to be painted, you will benefit from this tip. Get a piece of Stainless Steel Wire Wool and dampen it in water before very gently brushing the surface in one direction. If done correctly, the crayon marks will be lifted without damaging the wallpaper.


16. Removing Rust

Whether you’re working on a restoration project or just needing to freshen up your garage tools, Stainless Steel Wire Wool is great for removing rust from metal objects.

Here are two methods you can use with simple household ingredients:

The Baking Soda Method

Give the rusty object a good rinse under cold water and shake it dry before dusting it in baking soda (also known as “bicarbonate of soda”), making sure all rusty areas are covered – the baking soda will stick to the damp areas (including the rusty patches).

Leave the item for a couple of hours before scouring it with Stainless Steel Wire Wool, making sure you remove the rust down to the metal below.

Rinse the item once more before towel drying. If any rust remains, repeat the process.

The Vinegar Bath Method

Make a bath of white vinegar (commonly known as “distilled malt vinegar”) deep enough to submerge the rusty item. Place the object in the white vinegar and allow it to sit overnight, making sure the rust is fully submerged.

If the item is too big to be submerged, soak towels or cloths in white vinegar before wrapping them around the rusty areas.

The next day, remove the item and get scrubbing with a piece of Stainless Steel Wire Wool.



If you know of any other useful applications for Stainless Steel Wire Wool, let us know in the comments below.

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