Stainless Metals & Alloys win a contract to supply material to an Ireland-based Fitness site fit-out

The Ireland-based stainless steel and aluminium stockholders, Stainless Metals & Alloys Ltd (SMA) have recently won the contract to supply an impressive 12,000 metres of stainless steel tube as part of a series of Fitness site fit-outs across Ireland.

In partnership with Wednesbury-based metal polishing company Farrelly’s Metal Polishers Ltd, SMA secured the business, allowing the companies to source and supply the material within a week of receiving the enquiry.

The material was sourced from a supplier in Italy and arrived at Farrelly’s to be polished to a Satin Brush finish (320 grit). Once polished, the material was shipped to SMA’s warehouse in Ireland, where it is being stored for call off. This allows the customer to request the material to be delivered in small batches throughout the project.

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SMA’s Dublin Branch Manager, Michael McGivern outlined the benefits of having the material for call off by saying, “We specialise in sourcing our customers stainless or aluminium requirements and storing them in our warehouses for call off. By stocking materials that our customers order on a regular basis, we remove the risk factor of production stoppages, due to material shortages. This even covers hard to source components, such as stainless steel valves and adaptors.”

The project will see the 12 kilometres of tube being used to construct the ceiling for the fit-out, which will be finished off with neon lighting.

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