7 Reasons Why UKF Stainless Chose Fibre Laser Cutting

UKF Stainless Ltd is a major stockist and supplier of stainless steel tubes. We provide a range of services including cutting, laser cutting, perforating and polishing. By having our stock and facilities all on-site we can tailor our services to suit our customers’ needs.
Our investment in an LT5 Lasertube opened the door to a wealth of new opportunities. It has allowed UKF to provide an unprecedented range of services and achieve a higher standard of finish.
To explain why we love the LT5, we’ve decided to list 7 Reasons Why UKF Stainless Chose Fibre Laser Cutting.

1. An All-in-One Solution

The LT5 is no mere cutting machine. It can implement multiple functions in a single operation, including cutting, drilling, notching, and etching. This allows us to provide a one-stop shop solution for our customers.

2. New Opportunities to Explore

The LT5 makes easy work of tricky grades of aluminium and titanium. When paired with its capability to work to complex designs, it opens a range of new options. Options that traditional saw and CO2 alternatives struggle to deliver to the same standard.

3. A Reduction in Lead Times

Due to the LT5’s capability of loading and unloading the products autonomously and executing multi-function operations, we have a reduction in lead times across the business.

4. A New Level of Accuracy

Lasertube cutting processes are completely automated, resulting in minimised errors. Thanks to its narrow cut width, the LT5 introduces a new level of accuracy. This tight tolerance allows us to deliver higher standards in detail and quality.

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