Employee Spotlight: Conor Wright – Group Graphic Designer

Conor Wright joined the UKF Group’s Marketing Department after graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a 1st Class Honours in Digital Media.

As Group Graphic Designer, Conor’s main responsibility is to create graphics for the Group across both print and web applications. He has already played an essential role in designing the UKF Group’s new website, and launching the company’s newsletter. In addition, he has provided consistency and flair to the UKF Group’s social media content.

Impressed by Conor’s attention to detail and creativity, the Group IT & Systems Manager, Sam Halfpenny explains: “Conor’s passion for design work was evident throughout his portfolio, during his first interview. Best of all, the enthusiasm he showed in his interviews hasn’t wavered and he has coped exceptionally well considering how demanding our industry can be.”

When asked how he has found being part of the UKF Group team, Conor said, “My job is very exciting. As the sole graphic designer, I have a real say on how to present the company visually. This ranges from creating web content to designing external signs. Each day is different and varied, which makes me excited to come to work, as there’s always something different to do and something new to learn.”

When he’s not cutting shapes on Microsoft Paint, Conor is often down at Villa Park with his dad, as season ticket holders. He is also an avid Xbox gamer and a regular at his gym.

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