Employee Spotlight: Mitch Ward – Site Supervisor

Mitch joined us with over 20 years of manufacturing experience, having previously worked for Radshape Metal Limited and Cronation Limited. Mitch joined the UKF Group to get back into the factory environment and closer to the workers on the shop floor.

Back to the floor

As Site Manager, it is his responsibility to supervise the production line, the Health & Safety aspects, and delivery of goods. When asked how he would describe his normal work day, Mitch said:

“On a normal day I’m usually on the shop floor. From there I work with the team to make sure production is kept on schedule. By spending time among the team, I know which tasks best suit their individual skills. This in turn helps maintain our productivity levels.”


In his free time, Mitch enjoys playing strategy and sport video games, keeping fit through Crossfit, and walking his three dogs. Mitch explains, “The exercise and gaming keeps me active both physically and mentally. They also teach me there is always more than one strategy to meet your goal.”

Mitch is also a proud owner of a rabbit, chinchilla, two guinea pigs, two snakes, and a queen ant. He hopes to raise a colony of thousands of ants from the queen.

His commitment for Crossfit has led to him winning amaetur Crossfit competitions. He has also trained alongside WWE superstars, including John Cena, Kofi Kingston and Cesaro.

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