The UKF Group invests in new tube end-forming machine

Following on from the recent purchase of a brand-new tube cold-bending machine, The UKF Group has invested in a new tube end-forming machine. The new addition is an AST100 from the CNC-machine manufacturer, BLM Group, and will join The Joint Perforating Company’s (JPC) suite of machinery.

With 18 tonnes of force and six processing stations, the AST100 is capable of seamlessly executing multiple end-forming processes on tubular components with outer diameters of 10-100mm. In addition, the AST100 will be fitted with an orbital-cutting device, which will eliminate the need for a secondary cut-off operation. By combining these technologies, the UKF Group can produce high-quality bespoke components on shorter lead times than before.

The AST100 end-forming machine in action (Courtesy: BLM Group)

When asked about the AST100, Group Managing Director, Simon Greenhill commented: “The inclusion of the BLM AST100 has allowed us to provide solutions to our customers’ more intricate tube manipulation requests.”

The tube end-forming machine has been installed at the Bromsgrove Production Site, where the Group’s tube laser machine and tube perforating operations are carried out.

For further information about The UKF Group’s Tube Manipulation Division or to submit an enquiry, contact us today.

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