UKF Group’s Simon Greenhill Looks Back To When He Ran The London Marathon For The Get A-Head Charitable Trust

It’s been a year since UKF’s Group Managing Director tackled the London Marathon in aid of the Get-A-Head Charitable Trust, an independent charity supporting patients of head and neck diseases and cancers. But it was no mere walk in the park, the journey was a long and treacherous one, which saw Simon face a series of obstacles before he even arrived in London.

The journey started in 2016 when Simon decided to sign up for the London Marathon for two reasons:

1) To raise money and awareness for UKF’s proud partner charity, Get A-Head.

2) To achieve a life goal of completing his first marathon before the age of fifty.

When the news came through that he was selected to take part, Simon was delighted. Not for the grueling task that he had waited before him but delighted to be one of Get-A-Head’s sponsored runners and to help them with the fantastic work they do.

His training started in May 2016 with single mile runs before taking his training a bit more seriously in the October of that year. Unfortunately, Simon had a couple of setbacks during his training.  On the home stretch of one of his runs in November 2016, he suffered a calf injury. Before he could fully recover from this injury, he fell victim to a toothache – caused by the freezing cold winter weather. After having an operation to remove the problem tooth, Simon was back on the road after losing a month of training, more determined than ever to achieve his goal. The following months saw little obstacle to his training and by the end of March 2017, he had clocked over 600 miles since starting his training.

Simon Greenhill After Completing London Marathon 2017
Simon Greenhill After Completing London Marathon 2017

On the 23rd April 2017, supported by his friends and family, Simon beat the target time he had set himself of 5 hours, finishing in an impressive 4 hours, 47 minutes and 47 seconds and had raised over £2,500.

Simon celebrated his marathon success at Get A-Head’s ‘Celtic Ball’ on Saturday 25th November 2017 in Birmingham, joined by friends from UKF including Philip Morris (Chairman) and Chris Morris (Operations Director). The Celtic Ball provided a fantastic evening of entertainment and raised an additional £71,000 for Get-A-Head.

While speaking to Simon on the one-year anniversary of his first marathon, he mentioned, “I watched this year’s marathon on the TV, and thought that if it wasn’t for the 20 mile runs on a Sunday morning, I wouldn’t mind having another go.”

This June, Simon is taking on the Gung-Ho 5k Inflatable Obstacle Course in an effort to raise further support for Get A-Head, which you can donate to via our JustGiving Page.







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