UKF Stainless wins Global Energy News’ award for Best Laser Cutting Solutions Provider

“Those that go above and beyond”

The eco-friendly tube laser cutting service has earned the stainless steel & aluminium stockholder the 2018 Global Energy Award for “Best Laser Cutting Solutions Provider – UK”.

Discussing the selection process for winners, Edward Faulkner, Awards Co-ordinator at Global Energy News explains, “2018 Global Energy Awards Global Energy Magazine recognises those that go above and beyond in this hugely important industry. As with all of our awards, the 2018 Global Energy Awards are awarded purely on merit.”

A cutting-edge and eco-friendly solution to the manufacturing industry

UKF Stainless introduced their laser cutting service in 2017 as a solution to the growing demand for a faster and more consistent cutting process for tubular and hollow section components. Over the years, the company has found new applications for the service, allowing them to reach new audiences.

The installation of the Lasertube machine has played a crucial role in slashing the company’s carbon footprint and production lead times. These savings are passed onto UKF Stainless’ customers, making laser cutting an attractive alternative to traditional and CO2 cutting solutions.

The tube laser machine’s cutting speed more than doubles the machine’s productivity compared to its CO2 counterparts and traditional cutting methods. The machine requires no warm up, making it ready for operation at a flick of a switch. Nor does it consume laser gas, making the machine’s production quality to remain stable and consistent over time. Overall, these features make UKF Stainless’ tube laser service a cutting-edge and eco-friendly solution to the manufacturing industry.

Upon receiving the award, UKF Stainless’ Sales Director, Ian Griffiths says, “We are honoured to be recognised for our efforts in providing an eco-friendly yet competitive laser cutting solution. There’s a bright future for UKF Stainless in laser cutting and we’re excited to develop and grow our tube laser cutting service as we continue to provide our customers with an All-In-One Solution to all of their stainless steel and aluminium needs.”

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