What is Stainless Steel Welded Tube?

Stainless steel welded tube is produced by rolling a flat strip of stainless steel into a circular cross section, through a series of rollers. Once formed into the desired shape, the material is longitudinally welded down its length via either TIG welding or Laser Welding. After production, the tube’s weld seam – also referred to as bead – can be left unworked or refined. The unworked product is commonly referred to “As Welded” tube and is commonly used within the automotive and fabrication sectors.

Refined tube is achieved by cold working the bead through rolling and forging methods, this strengthens the tube to a superior standard than unworked tube. Furthermore, the welded tubing can be drawn, this process improves the product’s surface finish, provides a tighter tolerance and produces a finer weld seam.

From removing visual evidence of a seam to using lasers to smooth the internal surface, the standards that welded tube can be produced to is constantly being raised. When paired with welded tube’s lower production cost it comes as no surprise to learn that stainless steel welded tube is becoming a popular and cost-effective substitute for seamless tubing across multiple sectors.

Stainless steel welded tube’s growing popularity seems to offer the product unbounded applications. To date, welded tubing is used in the production of automotive exhaust systems, balustrading, catering equipment and street furniture, to only name a few.

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